Another Crazy Day… and it Gets Crazier Every Day.

The Goal.

I’m going to cheat a little bit today. I’m going to let other people do the heavy lifting while I pass judgment.

There were a couple of very odd sports videos posted on the web this beautiful Thursday morning as well as the replay of Washington Capitals announcer Joe Beninati going insane over Joel Ward’s goal in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quarter-final against Boston.

Now, I certainly understand why Beninati went nuts. It’s not every day that the defending Stanley Cup champion loses in the first round to a rookie goaltender. In fact, Washington’s Braden Holtby became the first rookie goalie to beat a defending Stanley Cup champ since Ken Dryden pulled it off in 1971.

But I must admit, there was reason to believe Beninati would not survive his call, below (courtesy the Capitals Network):

Now comes the crazy…

Our first video is somewhat disturbing. Did you see that creepy Japanese movie “The Ring?” Remember that make-your-skin-crawl girl ghost, Sadako Yamamura? Well, here she is again, throwing out the first pitch at a Nippon Ham Fighters game.

Honest. This is a real video…

Only in a Japanese Professional Baseball League game, you say? Pity.

And our final video is also creepy. Sort of.

It’s from a young woman named Breanne who would really like a date with the final pick in the 2012 NFL draft. It would be funny, if it wasn’t a little pathetic.

OK, it’s funny. And kind of creepy, all at the same time…

“Day 3, Round 7, Pick 253.” You lucky boy. You could make Breanne, Mrs. Irrelevant.

Of course the best part of the whole deal is her shout out at the end of the video, to the boys of the Big Sky Conference. She knows her football, gotta give her that.

  • FRT

    If it wasn’t for her feet…you couldn’t tell which way Ms. Sadako is facing… for Breanne…proof that air can fill a brain cavity.

  • FRT

    First let me state that all those imbeciles have sick
    minds that are sending all the racist comments out over Twitter and such. They
    are just sick losers in life simple as that.

    This absolutely fascinates me…as a sports junkie that
    just loves stats….this is simply amazing. Karma can indeed be a bitch. Lets
    go back to Tim Thomas snubbing the White House team appearance with President
    Obama in Washington. No matter what your political views…that was wrong.
    This meeting was not about politics…it was the TEAM being honored for winning
    the Stanley Cup….but Thomas put his political views ahead of his TEAM.

    What has happened since could not even be created by the
    greatest Hollywood script writers. First of all the Washington Capitals were in
    the fight of their life just to make the playoffs…it did not look good for a
    while…but they made it. What were the chances of them finishing just right to
    meet the Boston Bruins in the playoffs…and then for the series to go a full 7
    games….and then after all the chips were put into the pot to have a black
    athlete Jordan Ward score the winning goal in OT….? Vegas would tell you

    But it happened….and that is what makes sports so