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Musings: Discuss Among Yourselves…


Thinking about the crazy while watching the Penguins and Flyers fight each other, the Lakers win without Kobe and Miguel Cabrera demonstrate that he’s a better fielder than a hitter…

1) The Los Angeles Lakers are 4-1 and have won four games in a row without Kobe Bryant.

Sunday they beat the defending champion Dallas Stars 112-108 in overtime and played with more heart than they usually display. They also got the ball into the big guys – Gasol and Bynum, — and Metta World Peace contributed to the offense. It’s a different team without Kobe, but it’s still a good one. Hard to imagine the Heat would be as good without LeBron or the Thunder would be as good without Kevin Durant.

I’m a big Kobe fan, but the Lakers are learning to live without him. The same way Chicago learned to win without Derrick Rose. That bodes well for the playoffs.

Couturier scores.

2) Is it just me, or does it really appear as if Sean Couturier is a tremendous two-way hockey player who should be playing for the Winnipeg Jets?

He didn’t appear on the scoresheet in Sunday’s 8-4 win over Pittsburgh, but he was always on the ice. He played nearly 20 minutes, shadowed Evgeni Malkin and contributed in all sorts of ways.

Couturier was available when the Jets participated in their first NHL draft in St. Paul last spring and they passed on him to get Mark Scheifele. Scheifele had a not-bad season in junior this year and was an average player at best on Canada’s national junior team.

I don’t doubt that Scheifele will one day be a good NHL player, but I’d tend to agree with those who think the Jets should trade their No. 9 overall draft pick this spring. The Jets need players who can play now, not players who might be good in 2014.

Paul Beeston, Toronto's team.

3) Loved the interview with Toronto Blue Jays President and CEO Paul Beeston on Sunday on SportsNet, but I wondered about one of his answers.

Pat Tabler asked Beeston about being Canada’s team and how important that was. Beeston made a big deal out of it. However, here in Winnipeg, the Blue Jays have no presence whatsoever away from the TV screen. And it’s not like they haven’t been asked.

Baseball is going through a renaissance in Winnipeg. Our provincial junior team won the 2010 national championship, more kids are registered with minor baseball than at any time in history, we now boast a college team at the University of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Goldeyes — a team that Beeston’s friend, Pat Gillick is somewhat responsible for starting — is Canada’s most successful professional baseball franchise outside Toronto.

Let’s cut the crap. Outside of Rogers SportsNet, the Blue Jays are Toronto’s team. Not Canada’s. I know more Cubs, Twins, Yankees and Mariners fans in Western Canada than Blue Jays fans.

4) Whatever happened to the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Trent Richardson and Courtney Alvis

5) Some guys are just cool. University of Alabama runningback Trent Richardson is cool.

Richardson, who has won two BCS national championships and is being called the best runningback in the draft since Adrian Peterson, attended the Hueytown High School prom this weekend with senior Courtney Alvis.

Courtney was diagnosed with leukemia last year, but she set a goal: She was going to make it to her senior prom. She made it, but nobody asked her to the prom.

Richardson, whose mother is battling cancer, heard about Courtney’s story and stepped up. Cool.

Aaron Rodgers

6) The Green Bay Packers have overtaken the New England Patriots and are now the favorites to win the 2013 Super Bowl. When the odds opened, two months ago, the Pats were 5/1 to win while Green Bay was 7/1. Here are the odds, from 60 days ago and on Monday morning, courtesy of the MGM Mirage, my favorite book in Vegas.

New England Patriots: 5/1 to 6/1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6/1 to 12/1

Philadelphia Eagles: 6/1 to 10/1

Green Bay Packers: 7/1 to 5/1

New Orleans Saints: 10/1 to 8/1

San Francisco 49ers: 10/1 to 7/1

San Diego Chargers: 12/1 to 20/1

New York Giants: 12/1 to 15/1

Lions QB Matt Stafford has a right to smile.

Detroit Lions: 18/1 to 10/1

Atlanta Falcons: 18/1 to 25/1

Houston Texans: 18/1 to 8/1

Dallas Cowboys: 20/1 to 12/1

Baltimore Ravens: 20/1 to 8/1

Indianapolis Colts: 25/1 to 60/1

Chicago Bears: 25/1 to 10/1

Tennessee Titans: 30/1 to 35/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 200/1 to 60/1

Cincinnati Bengals: 30/1 to 35/1

New York Jets: 30/1 to 15/1

Buffalo Bills: 50/1 to 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs: 50/1 to 35/1

Minnesota Vikings: 75/1 to 30/1

Peyton Manning changes everything in Denver.

Denver Broncos: 75/1 to 8/1

Seattle Seahawks: 75/1 to 30/1

Arizona Cardinals: 75/1 to 40/1

Carolina Panthers: 100/1 to 30/1

Miami Dolphins:100/1 to 40/1

Oakland Raiders: 100/1 to 25/1

Washington Redskins: 150/1 to 30/1

Jacksonville Jaguars: 150/1 to 100/1

Cleveland Browns: 150/1 to 80/1

Would you believe that the Detroit Lions at 10/1 have a better chance to win the Super Bowl than the Pittsburgh Steelers (12/1) or the New York Giants (15/1)?

Paul MacLean

7) It’s amazing, but it seems that more people get deeply passionate about sports than any other subject. Regular reader, Fort Rouge Ted, sent me the following note.

Scotty…it is all a sham and a hoax. Shanny the Sheriff….Bettman the Idiot…..Daly the Egg Head….it doesn’t matter what is said and done, nothing will ever change….never has and never will.

Hockey was a Neanderthal game from Day 1…the underlying number one rule is to hurt your opponent and strike the fear of a beating into his mindset….violence is the order of the day….and retaliation is the golden rule….goonery will always rear its ugly head….bare knuckle fighting has escaped all rules of society….pound the SOB until he is on the ice bleeding and unconscious.

I played the game for 30 years…I know.  Even in the “beer leagues” it got out of hand…..the cops had to be called a few times. I’ve seen rifles pulled out of the trunk in the parking lot all in the spirit of the great game of hockey.

With that said If I was the head coach of the Rangers, within the first five minutes of Game 3, I’d make sure Karlsson’s & Spezza’s seasons were over. You want to play dirty, then you better be ready because now you are playing with the dirtiest. If I were Tortorella, I’d just say, “YOU STARTED IT McLEAN, I’LL END IT!”  I’d cripple both of them.

And that is the great game of hockey in a nutshell and it ain’t changing in our lifetimes.



Wow! Now that’s serious. And passionate. And maybe crazy.

Final Numbers and Final Thoughts Before Super Bowl XLIV

FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH, Fla. – As Robert Randolph and the Family Band, the Barenaked Ladies and O.A.R. rocked the beach at Super Bowl Saturday Night, the ticket scalpers and bookies did what it is they do.

The 44th Super Bowl game for the championship of the National Football League will be played at 6 p.m. (EST) on Sunday evening as the NFC champion New Orleans Saints take on the AFC champion Indianapolis Colts. It’s Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning. It’s 4,388 yards vs. 4,500 yards. It’s the No. 4 offence in the NFL against the No. 2 office in the NFL.

Taking everything into consideration, the Colts should win this football game. They have the better offence, the better defence (18th vs, the Saints at 25th) and, of course, Manning at quarterback.

And while we’ve selected the Colts to win by two touchdowns, we do have some concerns.

As we pointed out earlier this week, Scott Greene was named the head referee for this game. He’s been known to tinker, shall we say, with the outcome of games. The officials will play a major role in the game’s outcome.

As well, Vegas will have a say.

Clearly Vegas wants a close game. The point-spread runs from Indy minus-4 to Indy minus-5. So far, 70 per cent of the money bet on this game has been bet on the Saints. If the Colts win the game, but fail to cover the spread, Vegas stands to make a bundle.

As our Las Vegas gambling expert, Fort Rouge Ted, pointed out yesterday, “The Vegas books get to keep all the M/L wagers on the Saints (70 per cent) and P/S wagers on the Colts (66 per cent) and only pay out 30 per cent & 34 per cent respectively, all the while keeping their vig.  And if the defenses keep the score under 56 (that’s the current over-under), Vegas will make hundreds of millions of dollars.”

If the boys in Vegas want a close game and the head referee has been know to “keep it close,” in the past, it might not matter how much better than Colts are. This game just might be close.

* * *


Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp are having a bad weekend.

On Thursday, Irvin was charged in a civil law suit with the alleged rape of a woman at the Hard Rock Casino near Fort Lauderdale. It is not a criminal charge, but it was enough to force ESPN to dump Irvin from his radio show at ESPN 103-3 in Dallas.

He’s still working with the NFL Network and has filed a $100 million countersuit in Dallas County, Texas.

Meanwhile, another NFL Network star, former Tampa and Oakland defensive tackle, Warren Sapp, was arrested on Saturday afternoon and questioned by Miami Beach in an alleged domestic violence case at a Miami Beach hotel.

Sapp will not appear on the NFL network until network brass “review the matter.”

* * *


After visiting with the greatest Viking fan of them all, Winnipeg’s Syd Davy, this afternoon at the Renaissance Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, it came to light that Vikings fans are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

The fans rented a billboard in Favre’s hometown of Hattiesburg, Miss., with the following message on it:

“Hey #4, do Minnesota fans love you and want you back next year? You Brettcha!”

“I had no idea what to expect,” Vikings fan Jay Tappe told the Hattiesburg American, after staring the campaign on Facebook. “We have enough to keep the billboard up for at least another week. We’ll try to keep it up for about a month. It’s crazy.”

Favre, 40, still hasn’t decided to return to the Vikings next season. He does have one year remaining on the two-year contract he signed with Minnesota. If he returns, it will be his 20th NFL season.

Meanwhile, Davy, 51, who is known as “100 per cent Cheese Free,” attended the annual Lee Steinberg Party yesterday and will be in full regalia with two of his lieutenants, at Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLIV.