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Mike Kelly on his way to Winnipeg. Will appear with Tom & Joe, Thursday, on 92-CITI-FM and then name his staff by Feb. 1

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ new head coach, Mike Kelly, will return to the ‘Peg from his home in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

After a trip to the Senior Bowl, Kelly will find a place to live and be settled in Winnipeg by the first of next month.


In the meantime, he’s made no decision on the future of quarterback Kevin Glenn, claims that there are two areas on the team that must be changed or dramatically improved and that he will likely announce his new coaching staff on or around Feb. 1.


“I’m going to reserve any statements on the quarterbacking situation until I’m comfortable with what we have and where we’re going,” said Kelly on Sunday. “I’m not ready to talk about the quarterbacking situation publicly until I get a few more opinions from Lyle (CEO Bauer) and Brendan (player personnel director Taman).


“From what I’ve watched on film, some of it I just don’t quiet understand. I’ve never seen a quarterback more inconsistent physically, mentally and emotionally than Kevin was last year and I have to understand why. There was obviously something wrong. No quarterback can be as different from week to week or from quarter to quarter as Kevin was in the film I’ve watched.


“This is starting to appear, a little bit, to be driven from outside of Kevin, not from inside Kevin himself, but I want to be sure. I also want to see what else is available. If I learned thing one thing from working with Cal (Murphy), it’s that you don’t get rid of somebody until you have somebody to replace him. there is no sense getting rid of Kevin Glenn until there is somebody in Winnipeg who can replace him and that somebody is a better quarterback.”


While Kelly still hasn’t decided on his quarterback, he has decided on his coaching staff and said he’s excited about announcing his coaches — in a group — about the first of February.


“I’ll have around me, the best group of coaches I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot when you consider the staff I had at Valdosta State,” Kelly said. “That staff is all working at the professional level with the exception of one guy — Matt Dunigan — who did go on to be head coach and GM in Calgary before becoming a TV celebrity.


“We will have the people in place who can make the Blue Bombers a consistent winner. We’ll have the people around us who can bring back the Bomber championships of the late 80s and early 90s.”


Meanwhile, Kelly said there “are two areas” that he wants to improve, but will not name those two areas because “I don’t players on pins and needles in the off-season.” Any Bomber fan can guess that one of those problem areas is the kicking game. Another is probably consistency on the offensive line. 


The bright, articulate and humorous Mike Kelly, will be live on 92-CITI-FM this Thursday at 8:15 a.m. Don’t miss it!