Taman finished with Big Blue. Will appear with Tom & Joe on 92-CITI-FM on Thursday morning.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vice president of player personnel, Brendan Taman, has decided he’s done. At least, for now.

Last week, Taman visited with Bombers president and CEO Lyle Bauer and after what Bauer termed “a lot of frank discussion,” Taman decided he’d had enough of football.


On Tuesday, it was made official, Taman had resigned from his post with the Blue Bombers.


Taman had been with the Bombers for 10 years. He had been assistant GM under Dave Ritchie and general manager for the past five seasons, but at the end of 2008, he was moved laterally into a player personnel job and found he didn’t like the work.


“We’ve always been close, always been friends, but in the last little while, it’s been apparent to me that Brendan had lost interest in the work,” Bauer said. “We never believed that when Mike (Kelly) came in, Brendan’s move was a demotion. But Brendan didn’t seem to like the NCAA scouting that was required and decided he just didn’t want to do this anymore.


“I respect his decision. Life’s too short to be unhappy.”


Bauer, who spoke highly of Taman and his accomplishments, left the door open for the Saskatchewan product to rejoin the team in a consultant’s capacity. Bauer even acknowledged there was a chance that could happen. 


In a written statement, the Bombers listed some of Taman’s most impressive accomplishments:


–         Since 1999, 41 Blue Bomber players have been named CFL all-stars, including six players last season.

–         Two Blue Bombers have been named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player. (Jones in 2001, Stegall in 2002)

–         Signed two winners and one finalist of the CFL Rookie of the Year Award including Gavin Walls (winner in 2005), Charles Roberts (finalist in 2001), and Albert Johnson (winner in 2000).

–         Signed two winners of the CFL’s Outstanding Special Teams Award. (Johnson in 2001, Stokes in 2004)

–         Brought several impact players to Winnipeg including Charles Roberts, Gavin Walls, Tom Canada, and Dan Goodspeed. Through trades, Taman has brought Doug Brown, Khari Jones, Kevin Glenn, and most recently Zeke Moreno to Winnipeg.


“We will move ahead as fast as we can to replace Brendan,” Bauer said. “Most of our scouting, our contracts and our free agent situation is all up to date so we’re not behind by any means. We’re in real good shape with Mike (Kelly) on board. I’m going to the Sr. Bowl on Monday morning, so we’re all getting right to work.”


No one can be certain how this will affect the Blue Bombers down the road, but based on Bauer’s tone yesterday, it’s apparent it won’t be easy replacing a guy who has become a pretty good judge of talent and value and a terrific trader.