Toronto and Montreal Don’t Disappoint, Winnipeg Isn’t That Bad.

You have to give the Winnipeg Blue Bombers a little bit of credit. As unlikely as it is that the Bombers have the horses to reach the Grey Cup, they will certainly be good enough to make the playoffs.

Kevin Glenn beat the Alouettes.

Kevin Glenn beat the Alouettes by going 22-for-28 for 268 yards, 1 TD and 0 INTs.

After all, they’re in the same division as the Montreal Alouettes.

Friday night, we watched an Alouettes team that looked somewhat awake in the first half of the first quarter, but it later went south and in all likelihood, the Alouettes have the worst team in the Canadian Football League.

In two weeks, the Alouettes have put up a grand total of 25 points. The Als lost 19-11 to Winnipeg last week and 22-14 to Calgary on Friday and they lost both of those games at home. Give quarterback Anthony Calvillo a tiny little teeny bit of credit, however. He had more passing yards against Calgary than he did against Winnipeg. Although, it still wasn’t much.

Meanwhile, the defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argos look every bit like the real Toronto Argos — a team that plays wonderful football between the 30s but just can’t get it into the end zone often enough to make up for its dreadful defense.

Thursday night, Argos quarterback Ricky Ray completed 27-of-37 passes for 334 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s a tremendous game.

Trouble is, just as we predicted (see our CFL picks below), the Argos got ripped by the best team in the CFL 39-28 — IN Toronto. Of course, to be fair to the Argos, the announced crowd of 18,211 looked a tad generous, even at Rogers Centre. It was almost like playing on the road.

The Roughriders have a great team. Now 3-0, they look like they could run the table. They won’t. It never happens, especially with an 18-game schedule. But they do look good enough to reach their own Grey Cup in November.

It was a typical Ricky Ray night. Lots of yardage, not enogh points.

It was a typical Ricky Ray night. Lots of yardage, not enogh points.

The Argos, on the other hand, look like a Ricky Ray-led Argos team. They put up a load of offense, but not very many points. They are 1-2 and they will struggle to finish .500.

The Bombers have a hope. They aren’t very good, either, but it would appear that no team in the East is. And we all know what can happen in the playoffs.

Saturday night’s Winnipeg at Hamilton/Guelph game is bigger than Week 3 might suggest.