Two More Medals for Canada on Day 13

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The women's soccer team on the podium.

It’s Day 14 at the Games, we’re coming to the end of the 30th Olympiad, and Canada has now won 16 medals – a gold, five silvers and 10 bronze. Canada won 18 medals in Beijing in 2008.

After the Canadian women’s soccer team won bronze yesterday morning, Canadian freestyle wrestler Tonya Verbeek won the silver medal in the women’s 55-kilo category to give Canada its second freestyle women’s wrestling medal of the Games.

In other Canadian news from yesterday: Canada won bronze while the United States took gold in women’s soccer. (2) 22-year-old Damian Warner of London, Ont., finished fifth in the decathlon. American Ashton Eaton won gold and earned the honor of “World’s Greatest All-Around Athlete,” and (3) Canada’s Mark de Jonge won his K-I 200-metre kayak semifinal this morning and will get a preferable lane in tomorrow’s final.

The World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is indeed the World’s Fastest Man. Yesterday in London the 25-year-old sprinter added the 200 metre gold medal to his 100-metre gold topping the field in a time of 19.32 seconds. Bolt became the first man to win two 200-metre golds and the first to win both the 100 and 200 in the same Games.

The United States women’s basketball team beat Australia 86-73 in the semifinal yesterday and will play France in tomorrow’s final. If the Yanks win, it will be their fifth straight women’s basketball gold. It’s the first time France has ever reached the final.

Manteo Mitchell (left)

How about USA sprinter Manteo Mitchell yesterday? He started the 4X400-metre relay on a left leg that quote “didn’t feel right.” Then 200 metres into his leg of the race, he heard the snap. Then he felt the pain. Then he finished the final 200 metres, handed off the baton and hit the deck. The rest of the team went on to qualify for the final and the idiot Tweeters back in the United States ripped him mercilessly for being so slow. Morons. He had just run the final 200 metres of an Olympic relay on a broken leg. His fibula snapped 200 metres into the race.

The United States leads the medal count with 39 gold and 90 overall medals while China has 37 but only 80 overall. Russia is next with 12 gold and 56 overall medals. Britain has 25 gold and 52 medals.  Canada is 11th with one gold and 16 medals.