10 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Skin and Health!


The intermittent fasting can simply be described as the process of abstaining from food and drink during one period. Each person has practiced this method of fasting. The time spent sleeping, for example, is a time when no food is ingested or digested. During this period, the body experiences positive psychological changes due to fasting. These benefits demonstrate the importance of fasting. In some studies, it was discovered that nighttime fasting could reduce specific metabolic biomarkers such as insulin and glucose. It is for this reason that doctors order patients to fast for a period of 8 to 12 hours before having a blood test. Other recent research studies show that almost all types of intermittent fasting are harmless both physically and mentally. Therefore, would fasting benefit human health more?

There are the Ten Reasons Why the Intermittent Fast is Recommended

1. Weight Loss:

Intermittent fasting to lose weight is perhaps the main reason why people recommend this method. The method works by letting the body take advantage of accumulated body fat stores. Fat provides fuel for the body when there is a shortage of food. Therefore, the body will begin to lose weight in a slow and steady process that can be very beneficial.

2. Function of the Brain:

In a study conducted in 2015, it was revealed that this fasting method has significant implications for brain health. Intermittent fasting stimulates the brain in different ways: it helps in the recovery of brain injuries or strokes, promotes neuronal growth and improves memory performance. In addition, it helps improve the cognitive function and quality of life of people living with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or

3. Skin Health:

A conventional method to treat acne is through diet. Therefore, using fasting as a way to control the skin should not come as a surprise. The technique offers a radiant and shiny skin. A person can identify foods that are sensitive to the skin by introducing one food at a time after fasting. Any changes will be noticed quickly. Apart from the skin, the method also positively affects the hair and nails.

4. Metabolic Impulse:

Part of the reason why intermittent fasting to lose weight is successful is the effect on the metabolism of fluctuation between dietary restriction and regular feeding. Fasting itself decreases metabolism. However, shorter fasting periods recommended by intermittent fasting increase the metabolism rate by up to fourteen percent, as reported by a study.

5. Insulin Sensitivity:

It is known that the use of fasting as a method to regulate health helps regulate insulin sensitivity. Fasting helps to tolerate carbohydrates better. After a constant starvation, the insulin present in the body directs cells to absorb glucose from the blood efficiently. With the greatest reduction in insulin resistance, the risk of type 2 diabetes is also reduced.

6. Oxidative Stress and Inflammation:

Oxidative stress causes aging and chronic diseases. When unstable molecules react with other molecules in the body, such as DNA and proteins, they damage them, causing oxidative stress. Studies show that fasting increases the body’s resistance to oxidative stress. The method also fights inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a cause of many diseases in the body.

7. Heart Health:

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. The risk factors are determined by the risk of an increase or decrease in heart disease. This fasting method improves many different risk factors, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammatory markers and blood sugar levels. As a result, fasting reduces the risk of heart disease.

8. Real Hunger:

Regular eating habits prevent a person from experiencing hunger. Intermittent fasting helps regulate the body’s hormones that allow a person to experience real hunger. The more you fast, the more the body learns to control itself, thus releasing the correct hormones.

9. More Connection:

Many people feel more connected to life when they read, meditate, do yoga or martial arts. Because fasting ensures that there is no food in the digestive system, there is room for more energy in the body. Therefore, fasting gives the body a better feeling for both the physical and the conscious.

10. Longevity:

The ability to fast to prolong life is one of the most exciting discoveries of all. In one of the studies conducted in rats, life expectancy increased by up to 83 percent. The longevity process works in the same way as the calorie restriction process. Therefore, although it is not tested on humans, the possibilities are common among anti-aging crowds.


With the benefits of fasting described, it makes sense to follow the plan immediately. After all, everyone wants to live a longer and healthier life: fasting may be the answer.


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