10 Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit You Should Know!


The matoa fruit is not just another exotic fruit from Indonesia, native to the land of Papua, the matoa becomes one of the jewels of this rich island. Papua is well known for its natural beauty and the rich collection of flora and fauna and matoa is at the top of the list. Also, since it is not a famous fruit, the health benefits of the fruit of the bush may surprise you.

What is Matoa Fruit?

Matoa has the scientific name Pometia pinnata of the Sapindaceae family, so it is closely related to lychee and maple. The taste of matoa fruit is like the mixture of rambutan, lychee and longana fruit, with a juicy and very sweet texture.

Nutritional Value of Matoa Fruit:

Although the popularity of the fruit of the bush is increasing progressively lately, intensive studies are required to learn about the nutritional value of the fruit of the bush. However, in summary, the fruit of the bush is quite rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which are the source of powerful antioxidants that are essential for human health.

10 Benefits of Matoa Fruit:

To learn more about matoa fruit, below you will find the list of health benefits.

1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants:

As mentioned earlier, the fruit of the bush is quite rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. The combination of these two vitamins will give you a powerful antioxidant required by your body to effectively fight free radicals.

2. Natural Immunity Stimulators:

It is well known that all fruits rich in vitamin C are an excellent immunity booster and that matoa fruit is no exception.

3. Fight the Viral Infection:

The viral infection is not going to be fatal, but fighting it is not an easy case at all. The best way to combat this infection is to make sure that your immune system is in excellent condition and consuming matoa that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants is a perfect protection against viral infection.

4. It Helps You Relieve Stress:

It is a healthy snack that can be consumed daily because it is very rich in vitamin E, which is essential to relieve stress. Whenever you feel stressed, sometimes your appetite is also improving, chopping with matoa fruit will not cause weight gain, but it will relieve your stress effectively.

5. Increase the Resistance:

During training, you need resistance and to improve your work productivity, you also need to expand your resistance. The body’s resistance is closely related to its current resistance and the sugar compound found in matoa fruit is an excellent energy stimulant to increase its resistance.

6. Promotes Fertility:

If you have problems with fertility, perhaps putting matoa fruit in your daily diet could be the natural solution that you have been looking for to promote fertility.

“In addition, this type of fruit is quite safe to be consumed by both men and women”.

7. Prevents the Development of Cancer:

Cancer occurs when free radicals are free to access your body. Antioxidants are the real deal for free radicals because they fight them and prevent the development of cancer cells. As rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, matoa fruit is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants.

8. Excellent for the Heart:

Vitamin E is also excellent for the heart because it keeps heart cells healthy and prevents degeneration of cells and promotes healthy arteries and veins. Vitamin C will help improve blood flow.

9. Promotes Skin Health:

Surely you have known that vitamin E is excellent for the skin. While vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Antioxidants will promote optimal regeneration of skin cells to make them look younger a little longer.

10. Cure the Dysentery:

Although additional studies on the fruit of the bush are still required to cure dysentery among the local population, the fruit of the bush has been used as a home remedy to cure this disease for years.

Matoa Fruit Precautions:

The problem with the fruit of the bush when it comes to the precautions or reversed effects of this fruit is still unknown because the studies on the fruit of the bush are not many. Be careful with allergic reactions because it is not a type of fruit that is commonly found in the market. If you are allergic to lychee or longanized fruit, perhaps avoiding this fruit is a good idea. If you are not familiar with this fruit, do not try to consume fruit that resembles the bush because the likelihood of it not being kills fruit is greater and could probably be harmful to your body. Among the locals, matoa fruit is very popular because it is easy to find and naturally spreads through its neighborhood, but outside Papua, this fruit is a bit difficult to find and quite expensive, but for all the health benefits of The matoa fruit and its unique and exotic flavor, every penny you have spent on this fruit is worth it.


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