15 Benefits of Basmati Rice You Should Eat for Health!


Rice is a staple food for people in many parts of the world. While some people argue that rice is not the best food for weight loss and diabetic diet, there are several types of rice with different nutrient compositions. Basmati rice is one of the healthy types of rice, well known for having a unique taste and smell, along with a lot of important nutrients. The benefits of Basmati rice originate in India. It comes in many traditional Indian foods. Like other types of rice, there are two varieties of basmati rice: brown and white. The color depends on the milling process.

Basmati rice has a unique and pleasant aroma that comes from the chemical 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. The concentration of basmati rice in the chemical is 12 times higher than in any other type of rice, which makes the aroma easily distinguishable. In addition to the pleasant aroma that improves appetite and makes rice taste more pleasant, it is also sought for its high nutritional value. Compared to any type of rice, brown basmati rice has 20% more fiber content. Its regular white rice certainly cannot compete with the nutritional value of basmati rice. It is also low in calories. These, along with other nutrients in basmati, make rice have a number of health benefits.

Basmati Rice Benefits:

1. It has High Nutritional Value:

Basmati rice contains several important macronutrients and micronutrients that will support your body’s functions, including:

  • Carbohydrates: A serving of ¾ cup of basmati rice has about 35 grams of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are also the main content of all types of wheat and white flour.
  • Fat: Basmati rice contains a certain amount of fat, although in a smaller amount compared to other types of rice. Most of the fat in rice is eliminated in the milling process; therefore, the white variety has less fat than the brown one.
  • Protein: In addition to fat, basmati rice also contains a small amount of protein, about 3 grams per serving. However, the amount contributes greatly to our overall health. Basmati rice protein also has a number of essential amino acids.
  • Vitamin: Aromatic rice also has several important vitamins, namely vitamin B1, vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin K and pantothenic acids.
  • Fiber: brown basmati rice has twice the fiber content of common white rice. Fiber content is mainly found in bran layers.

The benefits of Basmati rice also contain important minerals. One serving of basmati rice also contains 19.50 mg of calcium, 83.85 mg of potassium, 1.23 mg of zinc, 0.20 mg of copper, selenium, manganese and 21% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium. . A single serving of rice also gives your body 6% of your recommended daily iron intake. In addition, it also has folate and biotin.

2. A Good Source of Energy:

Basmati rice is a good source of the most complex type of carbohydrates, one of the most important things the human body needs to function. Carbohydrate is like the fuel in a car, it keeps your body running.

“This nutrient boosts the metabolic activities in your body that are the most important process to keep you alive”.

Without getting enough energy for cell metabolism, you will not have enough energy to perform your daily activities or even to maintain the functions of your body’s organs. Dietitians recommend people get at least 50% of the calorie intake of carbohydrates. The metabolic activities of your brain and nervous system are mainly based on carbohydrates. Without carbohydrates, you will not survive. Some of the carbohydrates you consume are used immediately for cellular metabolism. When your body has excess carbohydrates, it will store it in the liver as glycogen. A portion of excess carbohydrates is also stored as fat in fat cells.

3. Fat Oxidation Aid:

The fat you consume every day cannot be processed without the help of carbohydrates. When you eat the carbohydrate-based product, such as basmati rice, your body will get oxoacetic acid as a breakdown product. This is an important compound to metabolize fats. When you don’t have this acid in your body, fats will turn into ketones, which can pose a danger to your body. This is the reason why a carbohydrate-based diet is still important despite the fact that you still need to limit your intake to avoid obesity and diabetes.

4. Promotes Healthy Bones:

The benefits of brown basmati rice are a good source of manganese, a powerful and mineral antioxidant that also occurs naturally in the body. It is an essential mineral for your body’s metabolism. In addition to boosting metabolism and supporting the activities of the brain and nervous system, one of the biggest benefits of manganese is its ability to promote healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. The structure of the human bone needs manganese to grow properly. Manganese improves spinal bone density, making it stronger. This can also prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis syndrome.

5. Reduce Blood Pressure:

Eating basmati brown rice regularly can also help stabilize blood pressure. Basmati rice contains potassium and magnesium. Potassium helps blood flow better, as it dilates the arteries and promotes relaxation of smooth muscles. According to some studies, a diet rich in potassium could relieve high blood pressure and reduce its complications such as stroke. In addition, taking a high dose of magnesium every day for a few months can also modestly reduce high blood pressure.

6. Maintains a Healthy Brain:

Thiamine in the benefits of basmati rice is known as an important vitamin that can improve memory and concentration. It has a positive impact on the function of the nervous system and mental well-being. In addition, it has been studied as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Based on research, a high regular consumption of thiamine can help inhibit the progression of the disease.

7. Prevents the Development of Cancer:

The outer layer of rice that remains after removing the hull, or also known as the bran layer, is where most of the rice’s nutrients are found. Therefore, brown rice is considerably healthier than white rice because when the layers of bran are ground, the rice has a lower nutrient content. When you consume brown basmati rice, you will enjoy the benefits of many important nutrients, including the large amount of dietary fiber. The fiber content of basmati rice is higher than that of other types of rice. Fiber works great in your body. The dietary fiber found in the cell walls of rice is related to the decreased risk of colorectal cancer. Scientists have studied this subject for a long time. According to the observation of experts, the ability of fiber to protect your body against cancer is obtained by adding volume to astool in the digestive system. More volume means less travel time for waste to leave your body. The waste can contain a quantity of carcinogens, so the longer they remain in your digestive system, the greater the risk of developing cancer cells. Breast cancer is another type of cancer that can be prevented by eating foods with a lot of fiber, especially if those foods are whole grains like brown basmati rice. Basmati rice is also low in fat, which will also reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, a high fiber content in foods will also prevent breast cancer because it binds to estrogen. When your body produces too many estrogens, it increases your risk of breast cancer. Fiber helps the body by attaching the estrogen hormones that the liver filters and escorting it out of the body.

8. Adequate Diet for Diabetic Patients:

One of the foods that should be reduced when you have diabetes is a high carbohydrate food, including white rice. According to Canadian Diabetes Associaton, the benefits of basmati rice is a safer alternative for people with diabetes because it has a lower glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index of a food, the more its blood sugar level will increase. Foods that belong to the category of low glycemic index have an index of less than 55; meanwhile, moderate levels of glycemic index are around 55-70. Higher than that it is very bad because it will cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly. Basmati rice has a glycemic index of 58 that can still be considered low for a carbohydrate-based energy source.

9. Improves Satiety:

Because basmati rice contains a greater amount of fiber compared to other types of rice, it will also make people feel full longer. This is the reason why fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits are in every dietitian’s suggestions for a weight loss diet. When you feel full longer, you won’t think you need more food. On the contrary, when your brain thinks you need more food, the first thing that comes to mind tends to be sugary foods with high calories. Those foods are generally not healthy for your body.

10. Low Calorie:

A serving of basmati rice at approximately ¾ cup contains only 150 calories. The calorie count is lower compared to other rice. In addition, most of the calories come from carbohydrates, and only a small part comes from fat. Carbohydrate calories are definitely healthier than those that come from fat and are also easier to process in energy.

11. Support the Weight Loss Program:

The benefits of Basmati rice have a higher amount of amylose compared to other types of rice. Amylose is important for your diet program because it is the type of carbohydrate that is not digested very quickly. As a result, you will feel full longer when you eat foods high in amylose. Basmati rice is full of amylose that should give you the benefits. When you feel full for a longer time, you are also less likely to eat before the planned meal time. In addition, basmati rice also contains fiber. Fiber can disrupt the absorption of fat in your body and reduce your calorie intake. The combination of basmati rice with other sources of fiber such as vegetables will help you control your craving and succeed in your weight loss program.

12. Promotes Regular Bowel Movement:

As mentioned earlier, fiber adds volume to feces in your digestive system. Because of this, your bowel movement will be easier and more regular. When the waste within your digestive system does not reach the necessary volume, your system cannot remove it from your body. The longer the waste remains in your body, the harder it becomes. Water content is absorbed by your body which will make it increasingly difficult to expel waste from your digestive system. If this condition is prolonged, you are at risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.

13. Improve your Daily Fiber Intake:

Fiber is an important source of nutrients that the whole-body needs, especially for a healthy digestive system. Basmati rice is a good source of dietary fiber. Compared to other types of rice, it even has at least 20% more fiber. In 200 grams of cooked brown basmati rice, at least 7.8 grams of fiber can be found. For adults, it is recommended to consume about 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day. In countries with common white rice as a staple food, many people only satisfy no more than a third of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Because of this, it will be easier to satisfy your body’s supply by exchanging normal rice for one with high fiber content, such as basmati rice.

14. Relieves Constipation:

One of the most common disorders for people who eat white grains as a staple food is constipation. Constipation is a problem of digestion when someone experiences a difficulty in expelling stool. When not taken care of properly, constipation can be very painful. The fiber in brown basmati rice will add volume to your stool and retain the level of water in your track so that the stool is softened. Because of this, the risk of constipation is reduced and constipation becomes less severe.

15. Prevents Hemorrhoids:

Prolonged constipation, along with a sedentary lifestyle, will lead to hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a swollen vein in the area of ​​the anus and lower rectum. It is very painful because every time you try to excrete stool, you will feel pain. You can also lose blood because of that. Hemorrhoids should be treated by changing the lifestyle in general, but the lack of fiber and excessive consumption of simple carbohydrates are contributing to factors that make it even more serious. Because basmati rice contains a high fiber content, you can switch from white rice to this type of rice if you want to prevent and treat your hemorrhoid without surgery.



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