15 Exclusive Benefits of Eating Avocado Leaves!


Avocado has been one of the most recent fashion superfoods that are favored by many health and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. People are making a wide variety of fruit recipes, from juice to sandwiches and different types of salad. And this trend is not without reasons. Avocado helps prevent and treat various diseases such as chronic inflammation, arthritis, heart disease and even cancer. However, do you know that fruit is not the only part of an avocado tree that can be consumed? Although it is much less common, many people around the world have been consuming avocado pulp, peel, hole and leaf. The benefits of consuming avocado leaves. In particular, it has been used as a cooking ingredient in various cultures.

Despite the fact that people have been consuming avocado leaves for a long time, there has been no broad understanding of the benefits of consuming avocado leaves for health. And this is a great loss because the leaf has many properties that can improve your health. If more people understand the benefits of the avocado leaf for their health, they will also promote this other part of an avocado tree as a superfood.

Benefits of Consuming Avocado Leaves:

1. A Source of Important Nutrients:

Avocado leaves are rich in multiple nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy body functions. In fact, it contains significantly higher levels of protein and fiber compared to fruit that is considered a widely accepted superfood. For each 100 g portion of the leaf, you will get 38.40 g of fiber and 25.54 g of protein. Meanwhile, for the same portion of avocado, you only get 2.06 g of fiber and 1.6 g of protein. In addition, avocado leaves are also rich in important nutrients such as magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and calcium. The amount of plant chemicals in the leaves is also higher than the amount that occurs in the fruit.

“Avocado leaves contain flavonoids and phenols that are necessary to maintain health due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties”.

2. Relieves Seizures:

Avocado leaf has promising potential to treat epilepsy and reduce seizures. In fact, avocado leaf has been used as a traditional herbal remedy to treat epilepsy and seizures in children in Africa. The treatment is done by boiling the leaves and giving the concoction to children with epilepsy. This ancient and traditional wisdom is also supported by a study. An animal study using aqueous extract taken from avocado leaves validated the study. The extract was used to treat mice that were previously induced with seizures. The result of the study was very promising for people who are excited about the treatment of epilepsy using natural means. In most mice and in most cases, the extract delayed or prevented the appearance of seizures. The scientists hypothesized that this is due to the improvement of the activity of the GABA receptor in the brain. The GABA neurotransmitter can reduce nerve activity and induce calm.

3. Prevents the Ulcer:

Stomach ulcers occur due to an excess of stomach acid that causes irritation in the internal part of the stomach. Stomach acid can even create a stomach wound. As a result, you will feel a burning sensation accompanied by a drumming voice in the stomach. If you suffer from a stomach ulcer, you can consume avocado leaf juice to relieve the symptom. A study was conducted to confirm if the benefits of consuming avocado leaves exhibited an anti-ulcer activity, and demonstrated a positive result. The aqueous extract extracted from the avocado leaf was effective in treating and preventing ulcers. Using rats with artificially induced stomach ulcers as test subjects, the extract exhibited significant anti-ulcer activity.

4. Reduce Blood Glucose Level:

People with diabetes or high risks for diabetes will also benefit from consuming avocado leaves. The benefits of consuming avocado leaves have hypoglycemic properties. As a result, it is able to reduce the level of blood glucose in the body. The scientists studied this effect by artificially inducing diabetes in rats and treating them with aqueous avocado leaf extract. At the end of the study, the scientists concluded that the leaf has hypoglycemic effects that depend on the intensity of the dose. This means that the more avocado leaf extract is given to rats, the greater the reduction in blood sugar level. The reduction occurs up to six hours after administration of the avocado leaf extract. When learning from study,

5. Help to Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Not all fats are bad. However, some types of fats, such as trans fats or saturated fats, can be harmful to your aesthetics and health. Fats quickly convert to body fat that will lead to weight gain and multiple related harmful health effects. When we consume fat, not everyone will turn into energy. A large amount of it will be stored in adipocytes or in fat cells. Some scientists conducted an animal study to discover the effect of avocado leaf extract on body fat. Animals that were on a high cholesterol diet received the methanolic and aqueous extract of avocado leaves and were observed. The scientists concluded that the leaf extract improved the metabolism that destroys the accumulated fat that is stored in adipose tissues by converting it into energy. As a result, there was a significant decrease in the body weight of the rats.

6. Reduce the Headache:

Avocado leaf tea can also relieve painful headaches effectively. You just have to boil avocado leaves and water and drink the tea after lowering the temperature. The effectiveness of avocado leaf tea in the treatment of headaches is due to the antioxidant properties it contains. The leaf has a high antioxidant content, such as quercetin, vitamin C and phenols. These antioxidants can optimize or repair the supply of oxygen to the brain by reducing inflammation in the blood vessels. When your brain gets enough oxygen supply, you will experience less headache that can be caused by multiple reasons such as stress, exhaustion, migraine or sinusitis.

7. Relieves Stress:

The accelerated pace of modern life is certainly a source of stress for many people. The difficulty in finding a balanced office and personal life, an unrealistic workload and professional goals, and family and relationship problems can be detrimental to emotional and mental well-being. In fact, minor but constant stress, such as getting stuck in traffic every time you travel to and from your office, can have detrimental effects on your mental health, which in turn will cause long-term physical illness. Drinking avocado leaf tea may be what you need to relieve stress. Active plant compounds such as quercetin, flavonoids, saponins and alkaloids are beneficial for reducing many types of ailments. These antioxidants can inhibit or prevent the oxidative stress that occurs because your body constantly releases stress hormones. Avocado leaf tea can increase blood flow to the brain, improving oxygen supply and inhibiting the release of cortisol hormones in the body. When your body stops releasing cortisol hormones, you will feel more relaxed.

8. Relieves Toothache:

A toothache is an annoying pain that comes from multiple dental and oral problems, such as tooth decay, tooth holes, gum inflammation and many others. A very bad and prolonged toothache can affect your ability to perform your daily activities normally. You will even have difficulty chewing your food, reducing food intake and, therefore, the nutrition that enters your body. You can reduce pain by taking pain relievers. Alternatively, drinking avocado leaf tea can offer a totally natural and cheap way to get rid of your toothache. The properties in the benefits of consuming avocado leaves reduce inflammation in the gum and relieve pain in the teeth. It also has antibacterial properties that will eradicate gum bacteria that can cause infection.

9. Treat Kidney Stones:

Your kidneys are important parts of your body that prevent you from being poisoned by substances that enter your body. Many causes can lead to kidney stones, which are hard deposits of salts and minerals that form in the kidneys. These minerals are filtered from the blood by the kidneys because the body does not need them. When kidney stones form, they can affect many parts of the urinary tract, which leads to problems in the kidneys and bladder. When kidney stones are recognized because crystallization becomes too large, permanent damage can be avoided. However, if the kidney stones grow enough, you will experience severe pain. When proper treatment is not given, kidney stones can cause infections and complications. However, when you recognize the symptoms before it is too late, such as unusually smelly urine, high fever and fatigue along with severe pain during bladder movement, you can take steps to avoid having to have surgery to remove the stones. renal It is believed that drinking avocado leaf tea is one of the measures to fight kidney stones before it is too late. The alkaloid compounds may gradually disappear when you drink herbal tea regularly. These alkaloid compounds can also optimize renal functions, which will result in rapid recovery. This will be more effective if you also drink a lot of water.

10. Reduce Swelling:

Have you ever had a day when your feet swell because you spend all day in high heels? Walking puts pressure on your feet that have to support the weight of your body more than when you sit or just sit still. When you don’t wear shoes that offer maximum support for the arch and heel, such as high-heeled stilettos or flat shoes that are slightly smaller, your feet will be affected. You can reduce swelling and blisters on the feet by topically applying avocado leaves. Simply crush and grind the leaves first until they become a smooth textured paste. Then, you can apply the paste on the affected area. You can use a bandage to avoid movements that can cause the paste to fall. Let him treat his swollen feet for about three or four hours and he will feel the effect later.

11. Relieves Gout:

Gout arthritis can be characterized by intense pain and burning sensation in the joint area. Gout can occur in most joints, but mainly affects the fingers, knee, fingers and ankles. The attack may occur suddenly. You can do your daily activities without problems during the day, but suddenly you wake up at midnight due to the burning sensation in the big toe. The pain may come with redness and swelling due to the inflammation caused by the uric crystals that form because your body has an excessive level of uric acid. You can use avocado leaves to treat pain and relieve gout. The antioxidants in the leaf also possess anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the inflammation caused by uric crystals. In addition, the plant’s chemicals will also help remove excess uric acid from your system.

12. Prevents Constipation:

Since the avocado leaf is rich in fiber, it can also help normalize bowel movements, maintain intestinal health and prevent indigestion problems such as constipation. A diet high in fiber is necessary if you want to maintain your digestive function. Avocado leaf, when consumed as vegetables or as tea, can add volume to your stool and soften it. Your stool should have enough weight and size to pass easily, reducing your chances of constipation. Also, if your stool is watery, the fiber will help solidify the stool as it absorbs water. When you have regular bowel movements due to the adoption of a high fiber diet, you will also reduce your risk of hemorrhoids and diverticular diseases.

13. Normalize the Cholesterol Level:

Dietary fiber can also maintain a healthy cholesterol level and reduce total blood cholesterol levels in your body. This is done by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein. When your cholesterol levels are normal, your risks of cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, will also be greatly reduced. Atherosclerosis is the accumulation of cholesterol and fats in and along the walls of your arteries that can obstruct blood flow. This condition can lead to a heart attack and stroke. Since avocado leaf is rich in fiber, consuming it regularly can help you avoid cholesterol-related problems.

14. Reduce Cancer Risks:

Dietary sources that are rich in flavonoids can prevent cancer. Quercetin is abundant in avocado leaves, making it one of the best weapons to fight cancer. According to studies, flavonoid compounds can inhibit a wide variety of cancers in animal studies. Researchers at Cornell University even discovered that flavonoid extracts can proliferate cancer cells in the liver and colon cancer. In addition, flavonoids also possess anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the severity and development of cancer cells.

15. Delays Aging:

The flavonoids in avocado leaves are powerful antioxidants that can combat the dangerous effects of oxidation by stabilizing free radicals. In addition to causing cancer, free radicals are also the cause of aging. Flavonoids minimize oxidative damage caused by free radicals in DNA levels. Some studies have indicated that flavonoids can extend the shelf life of different test subjects, such as fruit flies and yeast. Because of this, drinking avocado leaf tea will also fight the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and flabby skin. When you do this regularly, you will age gracefully.



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