15 Benefits of Lulo and Nutrition Value of Naranjilla Fruit!


Like other citrus fruits, the benefits of lulo are diverse because it contains minerals and nutritious vitamins. On the other hand, it is an excellent source of many of the families of vitamins B, including B3, B6, B5 and B1, and contains vitamins A, C, E and K. Lulo fruit is also a good source of several essential minerals, such as iron and potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Due to its excellent nutritional profile, fruit can confer a wide variety of health benefits and is an excellent option as part of its healthy and nutritious diet. Lulo is one of the citrus fruits that grows on small trees or shrubs. It is usually found in the regions of South America. Many people compare this fruit with pineapple or, sometimes, with the combination of rhubarb and lime.

The bright orange lulo fruit is full of flavor and healthy surprises. This member of the Solanaceae family has different names and is known as naranjilla in Ecuador and Panama, but as lulo in Colombia. Other common names for the fruit are Quito orange, cocona, obando and nuqui, while its botanical name is Solanum quitoense Lam. If you’ve never eaten lulo fruit, you’re probably wondering what it tastes like. Although it resembles an orange from the outside, it is more similar to a tomato when it opens. The taste is unique and not easy to describe and is compared in various ways with pineapple, lime, kiwi and rhubarb. The demand for this unique exotic fruit is growing, but like other members of the Solanaceae family such as tomato and eggplant, it tends to bruise very easily when it is ripe. For that reason, as well as its delicate nature, the fruit is not especially suitable for large-scale cultivation and export, and the crops are kept on a fairly small scale.

Lulo Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Naranjilla Fruit

Plant Characteristics:

Lulo is an herbaceous perennial plant that grows to about 2.5 meters or 8 feet tall. It has thick stems that do not have thorns when grown but remain prickly in wild plants. The plant prefers shaded areas and does not tolerate sun exposure, but it can grow in poor soils as long as the drainage is good. The Lulo fruit is a round or oval shape about 2 inches wide with a bright orange skin. Inside there are 4 segmented sections that are separated by membranes. These segments are filled with a delicious green or yellow juicy pulp. This delicious fruit has a wonderful cirtus flavor similar to lemon or lime crossed with pineapple.

Benefits of Lulo For Health:

1. Digestive Health:

Lulo fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber called pepsin in particular; they are extremely beneficial for digestive well-being.

“Fiber can help add more volume to a person’s stool, which improves the way in which waste is transported through their system”.

Eating a lot of fiber can help treat many common digestive conditions, such as indigestion, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. There is also evidence that fiber can reduce the risk of more serious diseases, such as stomach ulcers, colon cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

2. Heart Health:

What can be more important than making sure your heart is fit, strong and disease free? The good news of the benefits of lulo can help you achieve those goals. The dietary fiber found in lulo fruit is known to help reduce cholesterol levels and high cholesterol is a known risk factor in heart attack and stroke and common diseases such as atherosclerosis. The potassium found in lulo fruit also acts as a vasodilator which means that it helps to widen the blood vessels by removing much of the heart’s tension. Ultimately, this can reduce a person’s blood pressure and high blood pressure, High cholesterol is another important risk factor in heart disease.

3. Health of the Immune System:

Are you tired of having annoying diseases such as cold, flu or sore throat? If so, your immune system may need a boost. One of the best ways to ensure that your body is prepared to fight the disease is to consume fresh products, rich in antioxidants, and the benefits of lulo provides many nutritional properties. Lulo fruit is very rich in vitamin C, which is known to help stimulate the production of red blood cells, prevent infections, diseases and other harmful pathogens in the body.

4. Boosts Blood Circulation:

Among the benefits of lulo is that it contains a reasonable amount of iron that plays an important role in many of its bodily functions. Iron is not the easiest mineral to absorb for the body and iron deficiency is much more common than it should be. One of the main functions of iron is to improve the flow of oxygen through the body to the organs where it is most needed. Without enough iron, many of our organs will lack the oxygen they need to work to the fullest. Improving blood circulation throughout the body also has a positive impact on the regeneration and repair of cells and can even help strengthen the hair follicles in the head. An iron deficiency can also cause a variety of other unwanted symptoms that include fatigue, mental confusion, lack of energy and anemia.

5. Cancer Prevention:

There is evidence that the fiber found in lulo fruit may reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as colon cancer. It also contains many natural antioxidants that help neutralize the damage caused by environmental free radicals. Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of many serious diseases in the heart, including cancer. Obtaining enough antioxidants in the body is of utmost importance for your health.

6. Eye Health:

Lulo fruit contains compounds called carotenoids that are responsible for giving the fruit its rich orange colors. These natural antioxidants can have a wonderful effect on the health of a person’s eyes and can combat the damage that ends up causing macular degeneration and cataracts as we age.

7. Detoxifies the Body:

Detoxifying the body from time to time is very important to keep your organs working at full capacity. Lulo fruit and other nutrient-rich foods help eliminate harmful toxins from the body and relieve tensions and strains exerted on your liver and kidneys that are already overloaded with work. The husk of Lulo fruits has diuretic properties, which means it can help increase the frequency and volume of urination. This helps to cleanse the body of harmful waste products and eliminate stress from its organs. Lulo fruit is a great option for anyone who undergoes a body detox regimen.

8. Bone Health:

Strong bones are very important for childhood growth and development, but they are still essential throughout our lives. As we age, the bones become less dense, making them more prone to damage. Being a good source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, lulo fruits can help protect your bones from the weakness of advanced life and protect against common diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

9. Stress Relief:

Other benefits of lulo is that it has the ability to change hormones in the body by improving mood, reducing stress and promoting sleep primarily for a person suffering from insomnia.

10. Weight Loss:

It is useful for weight loss when associated with pineapple and is recommended for digestive problems, deficiency of minerals and vitamins and any type of blood vessel disorders.

11. Cosmetic Treatments:

It is used in cosmetic treatments, as it is part of vitamin A and is used to maintain beauty products, which improves skin quality and reduces wrinkles.

12. Protect the Skin:

It avoids any type of skin cancer and sunburn, since it is made up of beta-carotene that is deposited on the skin and acts as a protective shield and, therefore, eliminates the negativity of sunlight.

13. Soothing Qualities:

Lulo fruit has exfoliating and soothing properties. It is very beneficial for good skin when combined with different fruits such as apples, mango, orange, lime, bananas, etc.

14. Control the Sugar in the Body:

This fresh fruit is good to consume, since it does not contain any type of food additives or any type of sugar concentration. In addition, it keeps the level of sugar in the body under control.

15. Stimulates the Brain:

The lulo has abundant proteins and fatty acids and, therefore, should not be consumed in excess. It is made up of coconut, one of the benefits of excellent lulo to stimulate brain activity.

How to Eat the Lulo?

There are many ways to enjoy this delicious fruit and get its incredible health benefits. You can eat it raw by cutting the fruit in halves and taking out the pulp with a spoon. It is also delicious when added to a vanilla ice cream or yogurt. In South America, it is commonly used to make jelly or jam and as an ingredient in a variety of desert dishes, such as cakes and cheesecake.


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