15 Uses of Coconut Oil that are Scientifically Proven!


Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils that exist and all its benefits have been backed by science. But even today, experts continue to discover new properties of this rich oil. Today, Nutrition without More brings you a list of the 15 main uses of coconut oil taken from the most recent research.

1. Keep your Teeth Healthy:

Recently, it has been discovered that coconut oil can be used as a natural and very effective mouthwash. This innovative method is known as “oil pulling” and is gaining more and more followers. Rinse each morning with coconut oil helps fight oral bacteria, reduce plaque and gingivitis and reduce and prevent bad breath. If you want to learn more about oil pulling, check out Oil pulling to improve your oral health.

2. Hydrate the Skin:

The application of coconut oil on the skin is an excellent way to hydrate and nourish your skin naturally. In general, its use is usually recommended for very dry areas of the body, such as knees, elbows or heels, and also for legs and arms, since it can favor the appearance of granites in more greasy areas, for example, the face. In fact, there are studies that have demonstrated the efficacy of coconut oil to treat xerosis, excessive skin dryness very common in patients with Down syndrome. In another study of children between 1 and 13 years of age, topical application of coconut oil caused a moderate improvement in 47% of children with atopic dermatitis and an excellent improvement in 46% of them

3. Remove Belly Fat:

The fat that accumulates in the belly is not only an aesthetic problem for many people, but it is also a health problem if it is not treated in time.

“An excess of fat in the abdomen has been associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.”

According to several studies, the consumption of coconut oil helps to burn the fat that accumulates in the abdomen. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil can reduce the abdominal perimeter by up to 2 and half centimeters. If you want to learn more about how to reduce abdominal fat, check out How to lose belly in 5 steps.

4. Remove Makeup:

Are you allergic to any chemical or, simply, you have run out of makeup remover? Do not panic! Look for your bottle of coconut oil and cotton and in the blink of an eye your makeup will have disappeared without a trace.

5. Cook, Fry…

Forget about refined vegetable oils and switch to coconut oil to cook all your dishes and recipes.The saturated fat present in coconut oil withstands high temperatures very well without oxidizing and becoming rancid, unlike most refined oils. In case you forgot, saturated fats have been declared healthy and there is no risk of heart disease when consumed.

6. Increase the “Good” Cholesterol:

Some studies have observed a slight increase in HDL cholesterol levels after consuming coconut oil. Specifically, HDL cholesterol has been shown to decrease when saturated fat intake in the form of coconut oil is reduced.

7. Accelerate Metabolism:

Coconut oil is composed of medium chain triglycerides, a type of fat that is absorbed more quickly and increases energy expenditure, which reduces the risk of obesity. There is scientific evidence that states that coconut oil accelerates metabolism, reduces appetite and encourages fewer calories in the rest of the day. In one study, taking two tablespoons of coconut oil caused an increase in calorie burning equivalent to 120 calories daily. If you want to learn more about how to speed up your metabolism, check out How to speed up your metabolism in 10 steps and lose weight.

8. Prevent and Fight Infections:

Coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties that make it capable of eradicating pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. This characteristic is due to its lauric acid content, which has been shown to fight Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that causes diseases of the skin, mucous membranes … There are also indications that coconut oil can also stop growth and the bacterium Clostridium difficile, a pathogen that causes a severe type of diarrhea

9. Protect your Skin from the Sun:

Exposing directly to the sun’s rays for a prolonged period of time and without any protection can seriously damage the skin, favoring the appearance of moles and wrinkles and increasing the risk of skin cancer. Several studies have confirmed that the application of coconut oil on the skin blocks approximately 20% of UVA rays, along with other oils such as olive, peanut and cottonseed. As for the sun protection factor of coconut oil, it has been found to be 7 , which may be too low for many people.

10. Promote the Health of Your Baby:

Coconut oil can be used as a massage oil with very positive effects on newborn babies. Apparently, massaging your little one with this product stimulates weight gain and growth, according to a study conducted over a period of 30 days

11. Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects:

Some essential oils are very effective in keeping away mosquitoes and other annoying bugs that can devour you alive in hot and humid places, mainly. According to some research, mixing coconut oil with a base or carrier oil can serve as a mosquito repellent. Specifically, one study showed that coconut oil combined with Thai essential oils offered 98% protection against various types of mosquitoes.

12. Improve Brain Function:

By consuming coconut oil, its medium chain fatty acids are transformed into ketone bodies that can be used by the brain as a form of energy. But the funny thing is that in addition to serving as fuel, these ketone bodies improve brain functions and it has been confirmed that they are a very effective treatment against epilepsy that affects children. In addition, a strong relationship has been found between the energy provided by ketone bodies and the reduction of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

13. Take Care of Your Hair:

Coconut oil can also be used as a natural cosmetic product to keep your hair healthy. In a study that compared the effects of applying mineral oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil on hair, the following results were obtained

  • Coconut oil was the most effective in preventing hair protein loss, regardless of whether it was applied before or after shampooing.

Apparently, this quality of coconut oil is due to its lauric acid content.

14. Fight Hunger:

I have already explained that the consumption of coconut oil favors the burning of calories and abdominal fat, but we have not mentioned that its satiating effect is very high. Those responsible for causing a great feeling of satiety are the medium-chain fatty acids present in coconut oil, which by becoming ketone bodies achieve

  • Reduce appetite
  • Decrease fatty deposits.
  • Burn more calories.

This whole set of effects stimulates weight loss.

15. Reduce Inflammation:

Coconut oil can be considered as a natural anti-inflammatory food. Several studies in animals have shown that this oil has anti-inflammatory properties and other studies in humans have confirmed that coconut oil reduces certain markers of inflammation and oxidation.



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