Know the 6 Amazing Benefits of Tofu for the Organism!


Perhaps you have seen tofu in oriental recipes, and in vegetarian dishes, but you did not know the great amount of benefits that the body consumes tofu, it has a fairly high nutritional percentage that when you consume it you are tasting your palate, and taking advantage of its rich source of benefits since it is a product free of saturated fats, and is not a threat to increase cholesterol levels. Soy apart from providing various nutrients, is also the main protagonist of the origin of tofu, and that is that this food is extracted from soy milk, through a coagulation procedure, and due preparation, this rich and healthy food is finally obtained, used to the fullest by the followers of vegetarianism and veganism.

Tofu Origin:

Something very interesting about this product is that its elaboration origins date back to Eastern cultures, to be more specific in the Chinese dynasty with Emperor Liu An was when elaboration techniques were used and thus gradually extended to the southeast Asian. These cultures used tofu to complement their meals as it has a very soft and subtle texture and can also be accompanied with sweet and savory dishes. It is said that the process of “curdling” the soy milk the Chinese copy it from the ancient Mongols and East Indians. Did you know that in China tofu was also used as a detail or offering for deceased relatives? On the other hand in Japan, in the middle of the eighth century s and he knew the tofu with the name of “Chinese curd” it is worth noting that this food has an important meaning for oriental traditions, which served from offerings, to dishes that replace meat and fish as a symbol of Buddhism. The fame of this peculiar food began to spread throughout the Asian continent, the small Chinese communities that were staying in Indonesia, used tofu to accompany their food and thus gradually became known both in the East and in America, as A rich and healthy food. Did you know that the first tofu company that was established in the United States was in 1878? With the great interest that arose from vegetarianism in Asia and America, tofu became a healthy, reliable and low-fat, totally organic, healthy alternative. Currently, no harmful damage to health has been demonstrated, as long as the person is not allergic or very sensitive to soy.

How is Tofu Produced?

The way of producing tofu is very similar to the process of dairy cheeses, the big difference is its origin, but basically the process of selection, cleaning, soaking, grinding the grains in water, it must be boiled, it goes through a coagulation phase and pressure that gives the texture, flavor, nutrients, and color to tofu, and then be commercialized and tasted. One of the essential and most important steps in the preparation of tofu is the coagulation of oil and protein, since they are added in the boiling milk of soybeans, this process is complex, since special coagulants are needed, which exist two types, acid and salt. Tofu contains about 40% protein, much more than what meat and fish contain, the FDA declared tofu as a source of healthy soy-based protein and properties. Eating 25 grams of soy per day is ideal to start a diet low in calories and saturated fat.

“In traditional Chinese medicine, the consumption of tofu is used as a treatment to regulate spleen conditions, since it invigorates the organ and restores energy”.

People with obesity, hardened blood vessels, problem of breast milk supply, are treated with tofu, since it is a powerful protein-rich food that can be implemented in a balanced diet. Is there any limitation of the consumption of tofu for health?, If there are precautions for people with a history of kidney stones, as this food large amounts of oxalate, which helps the formation of stones.

 Learn here, the most important benefits of tofu:

1. Avoid Breast Cancer:

Tofu is a very healthy food, since it contains a series of chemical substances found in plant foods, called phytoestrogens or isoflavones, these substances mimic the function of estrogen produced by the body and bind to estrogen receptor sites in human cells, and also in mammary cells, which significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer.

2. Reduce Cholesterol:

The soft texture of tofu, and its rich flavor, is a perfect complement to meals for those who are at risk of cholesterol or triglycerides, since tofu is rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, which is not a threat to people who suffer from this evil, if not the opposite it serves to undo the cholesterol of the arteries.

3. Bone System Support:

Tofu is a source of protein, iron, potassium and calcium, ideal for maintaining the health of the bone system, and preventing osteoporosis.

4. Prevents Anemia:

The cause of anemia is the spread of iron, and one of the iron-rich foods that fights and improves blood health, tofu combined with other iron-rich plant foods is the perfect ally to treat anemia.

5. Helps Liver Function:

It has been bought that the tofu that the consumption of tufo, helps to protect the health of the liver, because it is an antioxidant that benefits and helps to control the weaknesses of the liver, by having a diet rich in antioxidants and tofu the liver cleanses the toxins and improves and prevents the fat that accumulates in it.

6. Controls Blood Glucose Levels:

Consuming tofu improves high blood glucose content since blood insulin levels are less likely to develop, so it is a healthy option for good nutrition, and this is due to the presence of isoflavones that is responsible for managing blood glucose.



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