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There are many men and women around the world interested in curing unwanted, annoying and recurring herpes on the face, either because they suffer from this disease or because their partner, a relative or friend suffer from it. In this article I am going to talk about a treatment to cure this type of herpes definitely whose effectiveness has been proven by thousands of people. But before we know a little more about this type of herpes, about the causes, the symptoms, the contagion and the possible consequences.

Symptoms, Causes and Consequences:

The face is one of the most important parts of the body; it shows the facial appearance that is the most important aspect of our identity. In the face there are more than 30 pairs of muscles and 4 of the 5 sense organs, although the sense of touch is also present in the organs located in it. In the face we express emotions through mimicry, thanks to the movement of soft tissues. The face, unlike other parts of the body, is exposed to the observation of others and the direct action of the environment. That is why we all want our face to have the best appearance in view of others. In addition, the face is an area with many nerve endings and therefore one of the parts of the body most sensitive to discomfort and pain. One of the diseases that attacks the face is herpes; In addition to being very annoying and deteriorating the physical appearance of people who suffer from it, it can cause irreversible injuries. Facial herpes is a disease caused by a virus that lodges in our body and can remain in it throughout our lives causing a recurrent infection. Herpes on the face can manifest in cheeks, cheekbones, chin, eyelashes, eyelids, forehead, chin and also in the eyes, eyebrows, tongue, herpes in the nose, nasal septum, lips and the corner of the lips.

“Symptoms of facial herpes usually begin with a tingling accompanied by burning and pain”.

There may even appear fever and swollen glands in the neck. After these symptoms appear the blisters that burst and become sores that end up covered by a scab. This external manifestation of the virus is called an herpes outbreak. Although there are eight types of herpesvirus family virus that attack humans, facial herpes is most often caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 and in a smaller percentage of cases by the herpes simplex virus type 2. Both viruses have common characteristics that differentiate them from the remaining six of the family; That is why the adjective “simple” appears in its name.

Transmission of Herpes on the Face:

These viruses are transmitted very easily. Its route of transmission is direct or indirect contact with the affected area. That is why if someone who has an outbreak of herpes on the face kisses another person, that other person is very likely to get the virus, depending on the strength of his immune system. Another case of possible transmission of the virus through physical contact with a person suffering from genital herpes. Physical contact is the fundamental form of virus transmission; this normally includes sexual contact in any of its possible ways. Although the virus cannot live outside the human body for a long time, infection can also occur through contact with clothing or object that has been in contact with the affected area. This is what is known as an indirect contact transmission. The spread of the virus can occur from one person to another, but it can also be transmitted between two areas of the same person’s body. It is important to keep this in mind so as not to spread the virus and give it more strength. The virus that causes facial herpes can also cause genital herpes. It usually happens that a person who has an outbreak of herpes on the face contracts genital herpes, if they touch the face sores with their hands and then touch the genitals without washing their hands thoroughly.

How to Remove Facial Herpes?

There are different alternatives to remove facial herpes (Table 1). The first type of treatment available is based on the use of drugs. Among the most commonly used drugs is acyclovir which is available in tablets, ointments and ointments. This medicine is effective because it stops the growth of the virus.

Its Main Disadvantages are:

1) does not eliminate the virus from our body,

2) it has side effects for our health among which is hair loss and

3) It is usually expensive in some countries.

 As alternative treatments to drugs are home remedies of popular wisdom such as the application of ice on blisters. These treatments do not eliminate the virus, it only relieves it, and its effectiveness is limited. There are also alternative treatments based on the use of luminous devices. These devices are available in the market, but are usually expensive and their use does not eliminate the virus that causes herpes in our body. To remove facial herpes you can also use patches and natural creams such as tea tree cream that is available in the market at a low solidarity price and does not eliminate the virus from our body.

The Definitive Protocol of Herpes:

One of the treatments that has emerged in recent times to remove facial herpes and that has also proven effective in curing herpes from other parts of the body, is the method of the “Herpes Definitive Protocol” (click on the link to access). This protocol is a method based on alternative medicine and is the result of research by the British doctor, father of the American journalist who published the herpes protocol book. Melanie Addington became ill with herpes and after going through the bitter social situations associated with this disease and using drugs, she turned to her father for help. As a result of this process it emerged “Final Protocol of the Herpes “ which was written by Melanie Adding ton in simple language to understand in order that others could cure herpes the same way she did. The Herpes Protocol is based on natural and alternative medicine and its application eliminates the virus causing herpes in less than 60 days .

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The treatment that includes this protocol is structured in three stages. The first stage is aimed at strengthening the patient’s immune system in which the diet plays an important role, as there are foods that favor the reproduction of the virus and others that hinder it. The second stage of the treatment is focused on the destruction of the protective protein layer of the virus which causes it to weaken and die. The third and final stage aims to prevent virus reproduction. This protocol also includes a prescription for the preparation of a natural cream for the treatment of virus outbreaks (blisters and sores) that has proven to be more effective than acyclovir in studies conducted by medical teams with herpes patients in health institutions from several countries. This whole process leads to that within a maximum period of 60 days we have managed to remove herpes on the face or any other type of herpes. Those who have used this treatment to remove herpes on the face and other parts of the body express great satisfaction with the results achieved. The most important thing about this method is that it eliminates the virus forever and that we can apply it ourselves, if we have the book where it is exposed. The book can be downloaded here in PDF format.



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