Wynn Resorts Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Founder

Wynn Resorts, the famous Las Vegas-based casino operator, has reached a settlement with nine women who accused the company’s former CEO, Steve Wynn, of sexual misconduct in 2019.

These women, identified in court documents as Judy Does 1 to 9, worked in various capacities within the company, including as manicurists and makeup artists.

The exact terms of the settlement remain undisclosed, and Wynn maintains his innocence. However, the operator will be hoping this settlement is the last word in the controversy that has plagued Steve Wynn and the company for years

Allegations and Their Impact

The allegations against the Nevada brick & mortar casino pioneer Steve Wynn first came to light in 2018. That’s when the Wall Street Journal published a detailed article outlining several complaints. Following this expose, multiple women came forward with their stories.

One woman claimed she was impregnated by Wynn after he raped her, while yet another said she was compelled to resign after refusing his advances. Two massage therapists also accused Wynn of leveraging his position to coerce them into sexual acts. Another employee from The Claude Baruk Salon alleged inappropriate behavior during her service sessions with Wynn, claiming that her complaints to management were ignored.

These allegations had significant repercussions for both Steve Wynn and the company. Wynn resigned from his position as CEO of Wynn Resorts in 2018, sold his shares for $2 billion, and stepped away from the industry.  

Despite his repeated denials of the allegations, attributing them to a smear campaign led by his ex-wife, the impact on Wynn’s career and reputation was undeniable.

It also led to his resignation from the Republican political fundraising scene, in which he was a major donor and organizer.

Unfit to Hold a License

The allegations and subsequent investigations also led to significant financial and legal consequences for Wynn Resorts.

In November 2018, court filings suggested that former board members were aware of the allegations, but did not take appropriate steps to investigate.

In February 2019, the company was slapped with a $20 million fine by Nevada regulators for its failure to investigate the sexual misconduct claims against its former CEO.

This fine was the largest of its kind in state history.

Steve Wynn also faced personal legal challenges. In July of this year, he agreed to a further $10 million settlement with the Nevada Gaming Board.

The board had previously filed a complaint in October 2019, suggesting that Wynn was “unfit” to hold a gaming license because of the alleged misconduct. Wynn attempted to dismiss the complaint, arguing that he had already exited the industry and the board no longer had jurisdiction over him. But he was unsuccessful.

Ongoing Legal Battles

Apart from the settlement with the nine women, Steve Wynn is embroiled in other legal battles. He has filed lawsuits against the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.

Wynn’s name also recently popped up in famous sports bettor Billy Walters’ controversial new book.

Walters’ Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk, contained a whole chapter dedicated to Walters’ friendship with Wynn, their $1 million roulette challeng,e and subsequent 30-year beef.

Walters alleges that in 2020, Wynn used his connections in the Republican Party to lean on then-President Donald Trump to not pardon Walters in an unrelated criminal case.

However, Wynn himself, now 81, has studiously avoided the spotlight since resigning after the allegations. He will be hoping that this most recent settlement will finally put a lid on the allegations that tarnished his Las Vegas casino mogul career.