Turmeric Tea Helps you to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way!


How Turmeric Helps You Lose Weight?

Slimming with turmeric is possible! It not only protects our health in general, but also acts as a fat burning agent. Since there are fats located in our body that usually accumulate in less desirable areas such as the belly, arms and hips, fats that are complicated to eliminate. A low-calorie diet along with a daily dose of turmeric, whether in supplement, root or extract, may favor burning that accumulated fat in unwanted body areas. As we have already mentioned on some occasion, turmeric is gaining a greater notoriety in Western culture and, like the rest of fashions, when there is the slightest indication that a “miraculous substance” appears that promises to solve vascular problems, diets of this substance begin to emerge.

It is therefore, that we are faced with the Turmeric Diet. Turmeric can be included in this diet in several ways: in sauces or sprinkled on meat, fish and / or vegetables. The results of the diet are obviously not immediate, since the purification and detoxification of body toxins is necessary to do it before achieving the ideal weight, as well as providing the necessary contribution of healthy properties. However, these studies conclude that turmeric can reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as blood sugar control. It is therefore responsible for the abolition of problems related to obesity.

Factors Why Turmeric is Used for Weight Loss

– Turmeric is a potent antioxidant:  due to polyphenols, it is much more potent than vitamin A and vitamin E. So it not only acts against free radicals of aging, but also ends up with toxins circulating in our body causes the desired weight loss.

– Turmeric is digestive:  curcumin acts very well in the digestive processes, thus achieving the elimination of gases, reducing the digestive tract. Another argument in weight loss.

“Within the Ayurveda tradition it has been used for this type of digestive pathologies”.

Its use is a long time ago.

Accelerates the metabolism:  to lose weight quickly and healthily, we must consume turmeric along with cardiovascular exercises, which accelerates the burning of a greater amount of fat.

– There are scientific studies:  which state that turmeric is a powerful slimming. They analyzed that the substances that make up turmeric are a powerful fat burner. In fact, those mice that consumed turmeric experienced a weight loss. Now, these evidences in the human being must be verified. Although there is enough evidence, science always strongly supports the theory.

Lemon as an Assistant Against Fat

Lemon, as a natural diuretic, is responsible for removing fat from the blood in our body. The lemon, in addition to offering that citrus and tasty touch to the beverage made with turmeric, has cleansing properties, so they clean and eliminate toxins from our body. And provides vitamin C, well-known and very grateful for our body. Being also a food rich in fiber, it acts as a co-aid of digestion, as well as in reducing the sensation of stomach emptiness. So by adding a few drops of lemon juice to our preparation, in addition to a teaspoon of cinnamon (which is an anti-inflammatory spice and regulating blood levels), we obtain a very efficient mixture for the desired weight loss.

Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss:

Turmeric tea is the central pillar of the turmeric diet, a plan that is based on the benefits and properties of both turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. It helps block unhealthy fats, as well as the contribution of the basic nutrients our body needs. Therefore, it is not a complete fast eliminating the total intake of foods that cause weight gain. Turmeric tea should be consumed preferably along with a balanced diet, without discriminating any type of food, but the limitation of the amounts, to lower portions than we are used to. Turmeric tea aims to dilute excess fats, especially in the abdominal area. We can consume it at any time, preferably in the morning and after the main meals. The best way to consume turmeric is the root, for which the root must be grated and thus release its active components. We must take as a precaution that this product has a very powerful orange dye that can stain the culinary utensils, so it is advisable not to use them in wood and yes in stainless steel. Three tablespoons of grated root is equivalent to one of powder, due to its concentration.

Preparation of Turmeric Tea:

There are two ways to prepare this healthy drink:

  1. We will boil about 4 glasses of water, to which we will add a teaspoon of ground turmeric coffee powder. Let stand a few minutes and when it is cold we can drink it. It is possible to sweeten this liquid with honey or add a few drops of lemon juice, depending on the flavor you want to get.
  1. In this case the ingredients will be:
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric coffee powder
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon juice
  • A pinch of cayenne powder
  • Honey bees

We boil a glass of water, it can also be done in the microwave for a minute, once we take the glass from the micro we introduce a tea bag of green tea, cover it and let it rest for about 3 minutes, once finished in time, we we will add the lemon juice along with a pinch of cayenne powder and, finally, a teaspoon of honey coffee. The latter has the function of softening and masking the powerful flavor of the infusion. The idea is to take it on an empty stomach, once a day, leaving a period of time of a few minutes before breakfast. Highlighting the importance of not sacrificing any of the 3 main meals. One recommendation regarding this drink: and while this tea is being consumed, no dairy component should be taken at breakfast. It would be advisable, then, to drink coffee or tea alone or accompanied by cookies or toast. In the rest of the day there is no incompatibility for dairy consumption.

Benefits of Turmeric Tea:

In addition to lowering a couple of sizes, turmeric tea is also:

-A metabolic accelerator that ends the fatty tissue that our body generates.

-Help stomach ailments, precisely because of its anti-inflammatory power.

-Revitalizes the immune system.

-Just the colds.

-Prevents stomach cancer.

-It is therefore a natural detoxifier.

-Reduce the risk of heart attacks, as it lowers cholesterol levels.


People with liver problems, if they exceed their consumption, overload the liver, so they should reduce their intake, in addition to obtaining a medical authorization for such dosage. Although turmeric is a natural product, everything consumed in inappropriate doses is usually harmful, therefore, if after the consumption of turmeric you feel any kind of discomfort or discomfort, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor.



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