What Vitamins Should Older People Take for Health?


Advanced age is a difficult stage in many ways, and that also includes the ability to properly assimilate nutrients from food, at this age getting the vitamins and minerals that the body needs becomes more difficult. And so it is likely that you should resort to nutritional supplements for older adults. Another problem that gets old is that in the absence of vitamins and minerals the defenses will also be lower than normal, which will make health more susceptible to diseases.

That is why we will now see what are the vitamins that you should not skip in your diet.

  • Vitamin D:

This vitamin plays a very important role in age because by facilitating the absorption of calcium, it will make them have better bones, healthier and stronger, and will prevent osteoporosis. The foods where we can find it most are in dairy products.

“If you have someone older in your family, do not forget to advise them of frequent dairy consumption”.

  • Vitamins A, Cye:

These vitamins are excellent antioxidants, as they strengthen the immune system and delay aging, since these two factors are very marked in the elderly, the food where it can be found is in citrus fruits and vegetables

  • B12 Vitamin:

Senile dementia is a disease that is just around the corner in the old age so we should worry. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that prevents these types of problems, so it must be consumed as a  restorative vitamin for adults, we can find it in beef, poultry, eggs, liver.

  • Vitamin B6:

Another of the vitamins for the elderly is vitamin B6 that serves to prevent cardiovascular diseases, which as many of us know at that age, the heart can suffer from simple arrhythmia to cardiac arrest, so maintaining a strong heart is a necessity in the old age

  • Other Vitamins:

Other vitamins that we can mention is also vitamin B9, which prevents the appearance of anemias, because at this stage of the age, the production of red blood cells decreases, and it increases the difficulty of the digestive system to absorb all nutrients, all this It makes anemia a disease that is lurking in old age. Remember that old age is a difficult stage for everyone, so it is highly recommended for older people to accompany a strong diet in this type of vitamins and it is not necessary to take a multivitamin supplement for the elderly, which can be found in any pharmacy.



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